Jan 262017

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BY NANCY GAGNET | MIRROR REPORTER — It’s not uncommon for Sandy Blaser to be asked questions about taxes, especially when she’s at a social gathering and people find out what kind of work she does. “As soon as they find out what you do, you’re always being asked a tax question,” she said, “but I don’t mind. I’m happy to help, it’s what I do. I really look forward to tax season.” Sandy has worked in the tax services industry for 26 years, initially at H&R Block, handling more difficult and complex clients and teaching tax classes. Later, she worked for both law firms and CPA businesses in the area where she provided bookkeeping services and assisted in preparing estate tax returns and trust tax returns for them. Ten years ago, at the urging of her late husband Tim Blaser, Sandy founded her business, Blaser Bookkeeping and Tax Services, which provides tax preparation and bookkeeping services to both individuals and business owners. “I love helping people and I especially like working with people who are starting off or need an extra hand or an extra person to help them move along and think about what they are doing. I enjoy showing them what is making money and what isn’t making money and how to grow their money,” she said. Blaser Bookkeeping and Tax Service is a full service accounting firm located in uptown Maumee that provides income tax preparation for both individuals and businesses including corporations, S Corp, partnerships and LLC. She assists small to medium size businesses with bookkeeping needs and provides payroll services. Sandy completes 32 hours of education classes every year to stay current on changes within Internal Revenue Service guidelines. She is also working to become an Enrolled Agent, which will enable her to be a federally licensed tax practitioner who could represent taxpayers before the IRS in any state. In addition to working with business clients, Sandy also provides individuals with tax preparation and money management services and can work with clients on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis, depending on their needs. She also ensures that both individuals and businesses make their quarterly income tax estimate payments on time so that her client does not incur penalties for filing late. When it comes to finances, her best advice is to keep track of all activity, whether it’s balancing a checkbook or using a software program like QuickBooks. “Many business owners often wear many different hats when running their businesses. They are excellent in what they do, but not as efficient in record keeping for their business,” Sandy said. “Here is where I can help out. I can come in on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and make sure the books are in order and file any necessary tax documents that may need to be filed for the business.” In doing that, Sandy can advise the business owner about what is making money and what isn’t, and she can make sure that the cash flow is solid on a regular basis. Income tax returns for individuals and their families are also filed as efficiently as possible, she said. “We electronic-file the income tax returns so our clients get their money back sooner,” she said. Sandy is active in the community, providing bookkeeping services for the Maumee Uptown Business Association and Preston Homes, an organization that provides services to individuals with disabilities. She has also been an active member of the Maumee Chamber of Commerce and the Holland-Springfield Chamber of Commerce. Blaser Bookkeeping and Tax Service is located at 210 W. Wayne St. in uptown Maumee. New clients are welcome. For additional information, please contact Sandy Blaser at (419) 794-4655.