Jun 192015
River Road Garden Club Celebrates Eight-Decade Milestone

BY NANCY GAGNET | MIRROR REPORTER — Last year, the River Road Garden Club marked a major milestone when it celebrated its 85th anniversary. Originally founded in 1929 on the premise of preserving and cultivating the natural landscape, the organization grew into an organization that supports civic groups and projects. Today’s members carry on that . . . Read More

Jul 032014
Summertime Is The Right Time For Garden Entertaining

BY MELINDA MYERS | GARDEN COLUMNIST — Summer is filled with parties, gatherings, picnics and more. We all want to make these occasions special and memorable for our guests. Many gardeners tend to schedule events around peak bloom or harvest in order to share the beauty and flavor from their garden. Unfortunately nature does not . . . Read More

Jun 132014
Grow Your Own Backyard Paradise In A Pot

BY MELINDA MYERS | GARDEN COLUMNIST — Create a backyard escape with the help of container gardens. Whether you’re looking for a visit to the desert, an English garden or tropical paradise, a few planters can help create the mood. Reduce your workload and increase your enjoyment with a bit of planning and proper planting. . . . Read More

May 222014
Don’t Let Summer Droughts Stop You From Gardening

BY MELINDA MYERS | GARDEN COLUMNIST — No matter where you live, being a waterwise gardener makes environmental and economic sense. And it’s really easier than you think. Here are just a few of the easy and affordable ways to conserve water while growing a beautiful garden. Grow plants suited to your climate, and this . . . Read More

May 022014
Preventative Care Can Keep Gardens Looking Green

BY MELINDA MYERS | GARDEN COLUMNIST — Spring floods, summer droughts and temperature extremes take their toll on gardens and the gardeners who tend them. Help your gardens recover from the crazy temperature and moisture extremes that seem to occur each year. Start by assessing the current condition of your landscape. Remove dead plants as soon . . . Read More

Apr 182014
Grow A Nutritious Garden In A Single Pot

BY MELINDA MYERS | GARDEN COLUMNIST — Don’t let a lack of time or space get in the way of gardening your way to a healthy lifestyle. Plant a container of nutritious vegetables and herbs. Include a few planters on the front porch, back patio or right outside the kitchen door. All you need is . . . Read More

Oct 102013
Monclova Township Garden Recognized By Area Club

Countryside Garden Club named Ralph Hartsworm’s garden, 5256 Maplesburg in Monclova Township, as their September outstanding garden of the month. From the road, the garden is very pleasing to the eye, with abundant green intermingled with annuals and perennials, said Countryside member Charlotte Pritchett. “But it is when you get closer that you realize what . . . Read More

Aug 152013
Countryside Garden Club Names 219 Canal Road Garden Of Month

Countryside Garden Club chose the home of Dr. Lucia and Terry Hinojosa-Smothers, at 219 Canal Rd. in Waterville, as the Outstanding Garden of August. “We were drawn to their garden for its originality and creativity,” said club member Char Pritchett. “Their use of antique urns, a baby cradle, antique fountains, a wicker sleigh and trellises . . . Read More