Oct 192012

Tim Wagener

BY NANCY GAGNET | MIRROR REPORTER — Longtime Maumee Mayor Tim Wagener has resigned from the office.
At a special council meeting on October 18, Wagener submitted his formal resignation citing personal issues including health concerns that both he and his wife Karen are experiencing.
“I have enjoyed the opportunity to serve the city of Maumee and its citizens over the years,” he wrote in a letter to council.
His resignation is effective October 31.
According to a settlement agreement between Wagener and the city, Wagener’s resignation was equally agreed upon by both parties to resolve ongoing concerns raised by council regarding the mayor’s ability to govern.
The agreement states that “the personal issues which Mayor Wagener is now experiencing have raised significant concerns within City Council concerning Mayor Wagener’s ability to continue to effectively perform the duties of his office.”
These concerns include issues pertaining to the health of the mayor, who experienced a stroke in 2010, and his wife, the agreement states.
In 2011, after prompting by council, the Ohio Ethics Commission launched an investigation into allegations that the mayor, who at the time was experiencing personal financial difficulties, violated city charter by accepting loans from a city employee.
In July the state ethics commission issued a public reprimand against Wagener; however, council president Richard Carr said that council would continue to investigate if Wagener violated the city’s charter.
As part of the agreement, Wagener will receive a $145,000 lump sum payment for wages and benefits for the remainder of his term, which ends in 2015. The lump sum will be paid to Wagener in two equal payments this year and next.
The settlement agreement averts any potential lawsuits, said Suzanne Norton, interim law director for the city, who would not elaborate further.
In accordance with city charter, Carr will serve as the acting mayor through October 31, and then take over duties as mayor on November 1.
Carr had originally submitted a letter to council rejecting the position of mayor, but council refused to accept his request.
“Rather than having someone appointed, I thought it was important for everyone to have a voice as to who would be selected mayor,” Carr said.
Council will appoint a person to fill Carr’s seat on council.
In November 2011 Wagener was elected to his fourth term in office when he defeated council member Tim Pauken by garnering 61 percent of the vote.
Wagener was first elected in 1999 when he defeated Marilyn Mount Kocevar. In 2003 and 2007, he was re-elected mayor after running in unopposed races. He also served on city council from 1991 to 1999.

Editor’s Note: The above story transpired after the October 18 publication date and prior to the October 25 publication date of The Mirror. This article will appear in the October 25 addition of The Mirror.